usfxr - SpaceGame example

This is an example of usfxr, an open-source C# library used to generate game-like procedural audio effects inside Unity.

W/A/S/D or arrow keys: Move player ship cube
SPACE: shoot bullets cylinders
Z: toggle audio "mutated" mode on or off

In this game prototype, all audio - bullets, enemy spawns, and enemy explosions - are handled by usfxr.
Since all audio effects are played in their "mutated" form, this example shows how the same audio can be played with little variation, adding some flavor to the lo-fi audio emitted by the game.

When mutated audio is off, the original audio is played. Try playing the game in both modes and notice the difference in regards to audio repetition when mutated mode is off.

The entire game - assets, code - is 17,978 bytes.